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Three Dales - Deep, High and Monsal

A day for Dales.

We parked up in the public P&D car park on the A6 opposite Monsal Dale just to the west of Ashford In The Water.
Then turning our back on Monsall Dale we headed out of the park of the carpark towards Monyash and into Deep Dale, a narrow steep sided dale, which is a nature reserve.
We followed the dale uphill all the way to it's head, turning right onto Wheal Lane, an old byway/farm lane, and turned onto Bare Jarnett, another unsurfaced lane and up ever onwards to the top of the hill where we came to a mass junction of lanes and an ancient dew pond, whose name escapes me.
Turning north we followed the road for a little while before turning off and descending into Taddington on a sunken footpath, and then making our way through and past the village on a maze of paths before crossing the A6 and entering an old byway on the other side.
We stayed on the byway for a short while, before leaving it and walking north east across a few fields, and then dropping down into High Dale, a dry valley.
We followed High Dale down almost as far as Taddington Dale, instead turning off at Brushfield and walking along the byway above Monsal Dale almost due east towards Monsal Head, which was visible on the other side of Monsal Dale.
We stayed on the byway until we could drop down a short path to the western end of the viaduct that used to bring the railway across Monsal Dale from a tunnel on the other side under the Monsal Head Hotel.
We dropped down from the viaduct and followed Monsal Dale back to the car park on the A6.

Date Walked: 17Jun13
Distance: 7.97 miles
Time: 3h27m
Ascent: 1132'
Descent: 1146'

Points to note