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Ok, The Pewsey Zone has been online for a while now, and the tweaking and fiddling continues.




09Jun98 Last of the tweaks - some sound effects here and there too.
09Jun98 More Landrover Stuff
15Jun98 Even more Landrover Green lane stuff
15Jun98 Updated AOL email notes
23Jun98 A Shockwave Experience (in the Computer Section)
07Jul98 Framed version of website created
16Jul98 A real Baby page!!
24Aug98 Landrover Training days
16Nov98 More Baby pictures
25Jan99 Moved to new ISP host (i12)
13Dec99 Files checked and updated
03Jun00 Moved again to yet another ISP (OrbitalNet)
14Oct00 The Family page has been replaced, as has the Menu.
11Feb01 The site has been upgraded to a different server technology -
Now on Windows 2000 Advanced Server!
Phase 1 - almost complete (migrate existing stuff)
Phase 2 - Incorporate a search engine
28Jan03 Yeah, I know it looks like it's been two years since the last update. Not true! Just kept forgetting to update this page.
Still waiting on the search engine - may not be required as stuff is easily enough found without it.
15Oct10 Site has moved servers and hosting companies a number of times since last update.
Have trimmed some of the old stuff out pending a complete overhaul, but who knows when I'll find time for that!
01Jun13 Domain now under my direct control, not via a reseller.
Really must update it!
14Jul13 Added new section, Walks, and tidied navbar code up a little to fix dodgy CSS.

Last modified: 14 Jul 2013