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Longshaw & Winyards Nick

A walk in two parts - firstly the tracks on the Longshaw Estate, and then the open moors of Hathersage Moor.

Park in the National Trust P&D car park at Longshaw, near to the Fox House pub.
Leave the car park from the side entrance and follow the footpath around the wood edge until you meet the track that takes you past Little John's Well and the Wooden Pole car park.
Follow this track and around the outside of the car park, ducking in through the gateway to pick up the track that takes you through Sheffield Plantation.
At the track junction bear right and through Granby Wood and onto the B6521 by the information Barn.
Cross over and along the footpath to cross the footbridge and then enter the old jagger's path (pack horse trail).
Follow the sunken path all the way to the top, and cross the road into the Surprise View car park.
Leave the car park through the gate in the diagonally opposite corner and follow the concessionary path towards Millstone Edge and the Grey Millstone Quarries. No prizes for guessing what these were quarried for!
Follow the path north along the fence stopping you falling over the Edge enjoying the views into Hope Valley off to your left.
Keep following the path as it drops over the other side of Over Owler Tor and then across the hill side, keeping an eye on the skyline on your right.
Soon you'll see a dip in the skyline, indicating a pass, and a path branches right and takes you through and over onto Winyards Nick.
You'll have a different view of Higger Tor to most people from here, and the ancient fort site of Carl Wark.
Passing through the pass stay on the same line and follow the path downwards across the moor towards the shallow valley bottom.
There is little sign of the field systems marked on the map.
The path bends round towards the south east and eventually widens before bringing you out onto the road just to the west of the Toads Mouth corner & bridge.
Cross over and re-enter the Longshaw Estate and cross the footbridge and enter the trees to your left following the path towards the Lodge, before finally recrossing the B6521 and going through the Lodge grounds back to the car park.

Date Walked: 12Jun13
Distance: 4.6 miles
Time: 1h41m
Ascent: 678'
Descent: 688'

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