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Not a gruesome walk, merely one showing a walk home from Graves Park!

Starting from the car park at the north eastern end of the park follow your nose west to the Chesterfield Road side of the park.
You could go out the main entrance there, but there is a better option a little further north through Cobnar Wood, coming out opposite the Morrison's superstore. It is a dirt path, not tarmac, hence why I missed it first time.
If you make the same mistake I made, and left showing on the track on the map, you could exit the park opposite KFC on Woodseats road, turn left and head back up Chesterfield Road.
Otherwise, if you've found the right track, cross over to the Morrisons' side and head downhill a little way and pick up the footpath between the houses leading into Chancett Wood.
Quite messy with doggy doos to start with, follow the path west and then south before locating the junction that takes you up to Bocking Lane/Greenhill Avenue.
Cross over and pass through the footpath into Parkbank Wood, and follow the path around the edge overlooking Beauchief Golf Course before coming onto a track that takes you across the course onto Beauchief Drive.
Turn right and walk past Beauchief Abbey, or whats left of it, to Abbey Lane, where you go left and turn into the new housing estate just up from the crossroads.
This gives access to Millhouses Park, and then its just a matter of wandering home.

Date Walked: 09Feb13
Distance: 5 miles
Time: 2h3m
Ascent: 511'
Descent: 727

Points to note