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Rivelin & Redmires

Exploring the southern slope of the Rivelin Valley and a peek at the Rivelin and Redmires reservoirs.

We parked at a small car park on Lodge Lane just below Lodge Moor, and set off west across open hillside on a well marked bridleway, before entering the trees of Fox Hagg.
This brought us down to the side of Rivelin Reservoir before gaining height again and getting onto Wyming Brook Drive, an old byway.
When the byway turned north and east to get to the A57 Snake Pass we turned left instead up the hill side towards New Hagg, and then turned left along the tree line skirting White Rake and Ash Cabin Flat before dropping into the car park at the southern end of Wyming Brook Drive.
Turning right on the road to Redmires we walked on tarmac for a while before turning into Redmire Plantation and towards the Redmires Reservoir works.
Passing the eastern most reservoir we reached the road, and headed north briefly before turning east and following the line of Redmires Conduit to Lodge Moor.
We passed through the grounds of what was Lodge Moor hospital - an isolation hospital for treatment of all sorts of nasties, now a new housing development - before reaching Redmires Road again, which we crossed, before following the footpath below the houses to the car park.

Date Walked: 10Oct12
Distance: 5.9 miles
Time: 2h31m
Ascent: 860'
Descent: 941'

Points to note