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Ramsley Moor

A short ramble exploring Ramsley Moor, along Hewett's Bank.

We parked in the National Trust P&D car park at Shillito Wood, home of an ancient cross guiding wayfarers in these wild parts in times gone by.
We crossed the road and dropped down to the old pack horse trail, Fox Lane, that traversed the moor, and after crossing the valley bottom, headed north through Foxlane Plantation, which was very boggy in parts.
On coming out onto Carr Road, another ancient byway, we turned right following the track down to the valley bottom, before turning right and following the old trail along the bottom of Hewett's Bank.
This gradually climbed uphill, and we took a shortcut to go take a look at another waymarking cross on the skyline, before following the top of the bank back to the car park.
The crosses are thought to have been erected by monks from Beauchief Abbey, to guide wayfarers across this wild land.

Date Walked: 08Feb13
Distance: 2.7 miles
Time: 1h18m
Ascent: 433'
Descent: 358'

Points to note