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Around Whirlow

A typical daily walk from the house.

From the house proceed to the gennel off Dobcroft Road and enter Block 1 of Eccelsall Woods.
Go straight through up the hill and leave Block 1 onto Abbey Lane, right then left past the Rising Sun pub and along the road past St Lukes Hospice, and out onto Eccelsall Road through the pedestrian only part of the lane.
Straight over, and pick up the path on your right as the road goes left, and follow this foot path as it crosses the housing estate up the hill, coming out close to the highest house in urban Sheffield. Rural Sheffield has some highest properties, but this is as high as it gets within 'proper' Sheffield.
Pass through the gate opposite onto the Whirlow Farm estate, and follow the path at the field's edge, and right then left on the lane at the far end.
After passing the sport's fields turn right onto Coit Lane, then left into another field and follow the concessionary path to the little copse, and hop over the stile.
Follow the path and cross the narrow field and enter Bolehill Plantation and the Limb Valley, and drop down to the valley bottom, where you turn left and follow the path all the way down to come out by the entrance to Whirlow Brook Park, and also the hidden park Whinfell Quarry Gardens. Well worth a little detour round the gardens.
Otherwise cross the cross enclosed by the layby onto Dore Sports Ground.
A choice of routes is presented - either follow the field's left hand edge, enter the trees and follow the left hand edge through the trees, or crossing the field (if no football being played!) enter the trees on the right hand edge as shown on the track.
It's then a case of picking your own routes through Eccelsall Woods Block 3 and 2 before popping out close to home for a well deserved coffee.

Date Walked: 14Jun12
Distance: 5.0 miles
Time: 1h50m
Ascent: 700'
Descent: 704'

Points to note