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Chatsworth Circuit Kiddie Version

A cut down version of the Chatsworth Circuit

We wanted to go for a walk as a family, and we chose to do this cut down version of the Chatsworth Circuit, as it has some interesting features along the way.
We parked in the same place and followed the route we took on the previous visit, but we found the bracken and nettles had grown somewhat along Dobb Edge since we had passed this way in early June, and those in shorts and short sleeves had an interesting time.
We visited Emperor Lake, the Hunting Tower and descended the hill to Chatsworth House as before, but after an icecream stop instead of walking north along the river bank, we followed an estate track north instead.
This took us through the part of the deer park that is used for cross-country horse eventing, and also had two lots of deer!
We left the track and headed easterly to Jubilee Rock. This was originally called Elephant Rock, but was renamed to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887.
Continuing past the Rock we exited the Chatsworth Estate and followed the old Sawmill Lane back to the little bridge near our start point, and then back to the car and home.

Date Walked: 12Aug13
Distance: 5.5 miles
Time: 3h09m
Ascent: 847'
Descent: 763'

Points to note