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Lord's Seat

A circular walk, despite appearance, along Rushup Edge.

We parked in the National Trust P&D car park at the eastern end of the Rushup Edge road, near the top of Winnat's Pass and Mam Tor.
Leaving the back of the car park up hill on the path heading uphill towards Mam Tor we crossed the road and entered the bridleway that headed west along Rushup Edge.
The bridleway started as a gravel surfaced path, but this soon gave way to muddy paths across the rough ground. Was fine when we walked, but can imagine it would get very wet and boggy in the rain!
This route forms part of the Kinder Loop route set-up by horsey people.
From the path we had lovely views out across towards Buxton over the White Peak.
We could also see the remains of the underground river that must have once flowed through the cavern that Winnat's Pass used to be, in the form of the Giant's Hole, a sunken ravine that follows the low ground between the two roads heading west from Winnat's Pass.
We followed the bridleway as it climbed and then descended, and when it passed through the ridge-line wall to join the footpath, just to the east of the Chapel Gate byway, we turned right and followed the footpath this time back uphill to the Lord's Seat.
This is an old tumulus at the highest point of Rushup Edge, and we stopped there for a welcome cup of Bovril.
From here we were looking northwards across Edale towards Kinder Scout, Bleaklow and the Dark Peak. Completely different look and feel to the terrain compared to the White Peak.
Bovril drunk, we descended on the footpath across the top of the land slip area where the road cuts through the pass thus formed to Barber Booth in Edale. Judging by the sheer size of the area covered by the displaced material it must have been one heck of an event way back in antiquity that caused the slip.
You can still see it happening, in fact. in much smaller scale where erosion continues to eat away at the high ground.
Once we reached the road, instead of going right and back to the car, we opted to go left and follow the bridle way that climbs around the northern side of Mam Tor and goes onto the Great Ridge that separates the Hope and Edale Valleys, and runs from Mam Tor to Lose Hill, as well as being a continuation of the feature that forms Rushup Edge.
When we reached the ridge path we headed right up to the top of Mam Tor, and then down the other side and back to the car park.

Date Walked: 26Sep13
Distance: 3,7 miles
Time: 1h53m
Ascent: 797'
Descent: 761'

Points to note