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Haywood Home

A nice little linear walk home after being dropped off out the back of beyond.

Start in the National Trust P&D car park at Haywood, and walk due north through the trees and onto Tumbling Hill.
Admire the views West towards Sir William Hill, and North towards Higger Tor and the ancient fort site at Carl Wark (pre-Roman, Iron Age?) before crossing the meadow and dropping across the stream at Oak Wood.
Follow the path up the other side and around the field boundary before entering the open ground at Sheffield Plantation.
Head in a NE direction before arriving at the duck pond on the Longshaw Estate.
Follow the path around past the front of the Lodge and head up past the Discovery Centre to the gate opposite the Fox House pub.
Cross the road and head up hill towards Sheffield before turning onto the old Houndkirk Road.
After passing Lady Canning's Plantation at the other end of the road walk a short way towards the hamlet centre and then head right over the stile and head down the Limb Valley on the Sheffield Round Walk.
The lower end of the valley forms Whirlow Brook Park, and there are a number of ways home from there - in this track I simply walked the direct route down the road.

Date Walked: 17Jun12
Distance: 7.9 miles
Time: 2h51m
Ascent: 1321'
Descent: 987'

Points to note