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Around Totley Moss

A short hill top ramble.

Park at the Longshaw Estate National Trust P&D car park, and leave the car park out the little used side entrance and follow the edge of the wood until you join the main track on the southern extremity of the wood.
Follow the track south past Little John's Well, and past the Wooden Pole and onto the road junction.
Cross over, enter the lane the other side, and immediately go through the next gate in the corner and onto the track that will carry you uphill above the White Edge Lodge.
When you are met by the path coming up through the little pass from the Lodge turn left and head out across the moor and past Lady's Cross down to the gate and the road.
Turn right and walk up the road a few hundred metres before crossing and going through the gate onto Totley Moss itself.
Follow the path ahead, through the bog until you come to the line of an old drystone wall.
The footpath continues ahead but there is little to see of it on the ground atthis point, so instead follow the wall uphill and meet a track.
You can go straight across and look at the view from the cairn on Brown Edge if you like, otherwise turn left and follow the track until you meet the Moss Road, another old byway.
Turn left and follow Moss Road for a few hundred metres before turning off and heading north following the moor edge, with the Totley Tunnel Air Shaft on your left.
Follow this path until you come out onto the Stoney Ridge road, where you cross over and through the gate onto Nell Croft.
Follow the path ahead and it should keep you out of the bog, and as you go over the edge it will turn to the right and follow a wall.
It can get boggy at the bottom of this hill, so squelch through and get to the ladder stile just above the Fox House pub.
Get filthy and smelly hoisting the dog over the stile, thus quenching any thoughts of popping in for a pint.
Go past the pub and through the little gate back into the Longshaw Estate, taking care not to get run over of course.
Bear left to return to the car park.

Date Walked: 05Jul12
Distance: 4.7 miles
Time: 1h54m
Ascent: 443'
Descent: 403'

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