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Some of the more interesting walks we've done

Around Whirlow 5.0 miles 1h50m
14Jun12   A typical daily walk from the house.
Haywood Home 7.9 miles 2h51m
17Jun12   A nice little linear walk home after being dropped off out the back of beyond.
Beauchief Circular 4.7 miles 1h38m
18Jun12   A walk from the house through Beauchief and home through Ecclesall Woods.
Around Totley Moss 4.7 miles 1h54m
05Jul12   A short hill top ramble.
Grindleford Baslow Froggat 9.1 miles 3h47m
17Sep12   A walk in two halves.
A circuit around Nether and Upper Padley 4.6 miles 2h17m
08Oct12   A nice walk taking in part of the Derwent Valley Heritage Way.
Rivelin & Redmires 5.9 miles 2h31m
10Oct12   Exploring the southern slope of the Rivelin Valley and a peek at the Rivelin and Redmires reservoirs.
Chatsworth to Bakewell and back via Rowsley 9.2 miles 3h58m
15Oct12   A day's outing on part of the Chatsworth estate that not many people see.
Pike Low 4.6 miles 2h7m
18Oct12   A walk from Fairholmes up and around Pike Low.
A Stanage circuit 3.1 miles 1h29m
01Feb13   A short walk in the Stanage Edge bowl.
Ramsley Moor 2.7 miles 1h18m
08Feb13   A short ramble exploring Ramsley Moor, along Hewett's Bank.
Graves 5 miles 2h3m
09Feb13   Not a gruesome walk, merely one showing a walk home from Graves Park!
Shivering mountain 2.7 miles 1h27m
15Feb13   A little wander around Mam Tor at the head of the Hope Valley
Eyam Moor 2.1 miles 58m
03Mar13   A short bimble round Eyam Moor, on Sir William Hill.
Bretton Clough 3.4 miles 1h40m
04Mar13   A walk off the side of Sir William Hill down into Bretton Clough.
Bolehill Quary & Padley Gorge 3 miles 1h22m
08Mar13   Exploring Bolehill Quarry
Moscar Stanage Edge Home 11 miles 3h58m
10Mar13   A long trek home along Stanage Edge.
Dambuster 70th Anniversary Flypast 11.5 miles 4h03m (walking time only)
16May13   A trip to watch the 70th anniversary Dambuster Fly Past
Chatsworth Circuit 7.4 miles 3h35m
03Jun13   A meander around the northern side of the Chatsworth Estate.
Longshaw & Winyards Nick 4.6 miles 1h41m
12Jun13   A walk in two parts - firstly the tracks on the Longshaw Estate, and then the open moors of Hathersage Moor.
Three Dales - Deep, High and Monsal 7.97 miles 3h27m
17Jun13   A day for Dales.
Alport Castles 9.7 miles 4h40m
24Jun13   A peek at the largest land slip event in the British isles - Alport Castles.
Beyond Beeley 7.8 miles 3h08m
15Jul13   Exploring the hill behind Beeley
Snowdon 9.7 miles 6hr56m
30Jul13   After many years of visiting Snowdonia, we finally made it up the mountain.
Chatsworth Circuit Kiddie Version 5.5 miles 3h09m
12Aug13   A cut down version of the Chatsworth Circuit
Hob Hurst's House 7.1 miles 3h12m
09Sep13   A walk from Robin Hood to look at a hobgoblin's house!
Ughill & Dale Dyke 6.7 miles 2h48m
23Sep13   A walk across high moors to a valley reservoir and back.
Lord's Seat 3,7 miles 1h53m
26Sep13   A circular walk, despite appearance, along Rushup Edge.
Monk's, Chee and Miller's Dales 7.7 miles track (8.17 miles actual) 3h33m
07Oct13   Exploring a variety of dales at the far end of the Monsal Trail
Cave Dale and the Upper Hope 5.6 miles 2h47m
24Oct13   The start section of the Limestone Way, and a loop around the top of Winnats Pass
Paddling in the River Wye 5.3 miles 2h28m
11Nov13   A circular walk taking in Tideswell Dale, Miller's Dale, Cressbrook Dale and Litton Dale.
Holmesfield to Barlow 5.6 miles 2h28m
18Nov13   Exploring ancient trackways through farmland between Holmesfield and Barlow
Mud, glorious mud... 6 miles 3h10m
10Feb14   A very muddy circuit of the hills and valleys above Hathersage
Offerton Hall 3.5 miles 1h28m
25Feb14   A nice, short, late afternoon circuit along the River Derwent up to Offerton Hall and return along the edge of Offerton Moor.
Monsall Head Circuit 6.1 miles 2h44m
26Feb14   A walk from Mondall Head over the hill to Ashford In The Water, retuning via the Wye valley and Monsall Dale.
Lose Hill 5.9 miles 3h07m
03Mar14   A beautiful Spring day walk from Hope, to the summit of Lose Hill, and along Mam Tor Ridge for a while before returning via Castleton.
Two starts of the Pennine Way 8.6 miles 4h 22m
09Apr14   Exploring the old and new start routes for the Pennine Way
Nine Ladies 6.9 miles 3h16m
28Apr14   A fine spring day walk from Elton, past Birchover, around Stanton Moor, and back skirting Winster. All this, and the Nine Ladies stone circle, the King Stone and a tower commemorating the Great Reform Act of 1832!
Three Edges 6,1 miles 2h38m
12Jun14   A circular walk encompassing Froggatt, Curbar and White Edges.
Shining Tor 6.9 miles 3h23m
23Jun14   An ascent from the Goyt Valley up Cheshire's highest hill, Shining Tor
Crich Memorial Tower 5.6 miles 2h47m
18Aug14   A walk from low in the Derwent Valley up to the Regimental Memorial Tower above Crich
Calver Peak 7.0 miles 3h13m
22Sep14   A short walk around Calver Peak visiting Longstone Edge
Hill of Two Sunsets 6.1 miles 3h31m
22Apr15   A short but very hilly walk taking in two special hills just south of Buxton
Lathkill Dale with a difference 4.8 miles 2h38m
12Mar16   A different way to view the Dale
We've done Lose Hill, now for Win Hill 6.5 miles 3h14m
14Mar16   A circular walk from Hope up onto, over and around Win Hill in the Spring sun.
Steve's Whirlow Farm Dig Deep 10K 6.2mi (10K) 1h3m
21Aug16   Not a walk, but a run this time on the Dig Deep 10K
Hartington Dales 6.5mi 3hr3min
04Apr17   A walk to the south of Hartington exploring the Dales to be found there.